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Binghamtown Baptist Church

Binghamtown Baptist Church; 1 Gateway Dr.; Middlesboro, KY 40965

Good News: Pastor Bingham is now available nationwide on CTN Channel in over 51 million homes. He may be seen Thursday nights 10 P.M. (EST) on CTN (Direct TV Channel 376; or Dish Network Channel 267), and Glory Star Satellite.

You may now hear Preacher Bingham on YouTube at any time by searching Binghamtown Baptist Church (keep scrolling through the play list). These are little tools that allow you to be with us daily if you wish. We love you and hold you fast in our prayers. Any important updated church information can be found on the website under the appropriate tabs.

bbcgatewayblog.wordpress.com (There is also a direct link to our blog at the top right of every page of our website.)

YOU ARE NEEDED.....  there is no better time to tithe you time to the Lord than now.....help is always needed...
Nursery                    Visitation
Thrift Store               Sunday School
Shut-In Meals           Prayer Warriors
Bus Ministry             Street Ministry
Prayer and Fasting

Blessed Beginning Day Care:
Located in our main church.  Loving day care infant through school age. Our loving, caring, Christian staff will give your little one the attention and care needed to support them when Mommy and Daddy are working. Please call the for additional information: (606)248-1877
(Go to our
Ministries Page for Complete Details)

"...Take up the cause of the fatherless...(Isaiah 1:17)

We at Binghamtown Baptist Church are joyful contributors to the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews;  
www.ifcj.org or email info@ifcj.org.  This year we are pleased to to contribute to the Fellowship's newest project; the renovation of the Gilboa House at the Neve Michael Home for orphaned children.

The Fellowship finished renovating one of the oldest homes, the Gilboa House, which was in urgent need of repair. This renovation now gives 30 orphaned children, along with their adoptive parents, a safe and comforting home.

Currently, this home now meets the welfare institute standards-thanks to your generous offerings to the IFCJ  through Binghamtown Baptist Church.  With our contribution, The Fellowship is now able to make sure all the Neve Michael children have a stable home.

If you wish to participate in support of our Jewish brothers and sisters, you may do so by accessing the website noted above or call the church.  We hope you have a safe, abundant, and prayerful New Year.


May 21 through May 30, 2018

For more information see Pastor Boyd or Joan

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NEW UNTO OTHERS THRIFT STORE           MONDAY - SATURDAY            8:30 - 4:30
Your "junk" is someone else's "jewel". Please call us to send your gently loved (Tax Deductible) items to help those in your community in need.  Your support has been tremendous but we always need your help.  The work is a daily work of Love.

We are currently in need of Costume Jewelry, furniture and old washers and dryers.  If you have a large donation please call us.  

For Large Item and truck load pickups please Call Our Director,
Sandy Adams Moore at: (606)269-2462; or (606)670-2505
​Store Hours:  8:30 to 4:30; Monday-Saturday


YOU ARE NEEDED......there is no better time to tithe your time to the Lord than now.....help is always needed...
Nursery                     Visitation
Thrift Store               Sunday School
Shut-In Meals           Prayer Warriors
Bus Ministry             Street Ministry

Prayer and Fasting

FUNDRAISER GATEWAY SCHOOL: COOKBOOKS........ the books are on the way....stay tuned

Good News...thank you to all who donated family recipes for the fundraiser cookbook.  I understand we have 500 recipes.  The book is now at the publisher thanks to the efforts of our Gateway Students who transcribed all of the recipes.  We should have the cookbooks available on the bookstore page soon.  Stay tuned for updates. Orders have been placed.  

UPDATE:  Cookbooks can now be purchased HERE

WINTER 2017-2018

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Gateway Christian School:

The best way to salvation is to start our children early in a good Christian School. Gateway Christian not only offers education excellence with a low teacher to student ratio; we offer daily teaching of the Word from Pastor Bingham himself.   Children are expected to respect and honor family values and each other.  Come visit us for a tour of the facility.  

Or call us at: (606) 248-0557

WINTER 2017-2018

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REMEMBER IN PRAYER: The Fellowship of Christians and Jews.  Binghamtown Baptist Church donated to rebuild their soup kitchen destroyed by ISIS, and built 2 bomb shelters.  We are now assisting with the Gilboa house renovation.

WINTER 2017-2018



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