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Let me point out to you four matters to consider. First, the ignoring of the presenter. In verse 3, the king sent out servants. In verse 4, other servants were sent forth. And in verse 6, the servants were treated spitefully. The people ignored the presenter. How do you respond when the Lord's Supper is announced?

Second, there was the ignoring of the plea. Verse 3 says that the servants were sent but the people would not come. What is the plea and command at the Lord's Supper? "This do in remembrance of me." A plea, and a command--don't ignore it! 

The third matter is ignoring the preparation that was made. There is a tiny picture of Christ in verse 4 as Matthew records theses words, "I have prepared my dinner." This should cause you to think of the words from Hebrews,"...a body thou hast prepared me" (Hebrews 10:5). But these who were invited were too busy-one went to his farm, another was all business, and one went to his merchandise. Finally, they were ignoring the passions of the personage who issued the invitation. Verse 7 describes the king's feelings. Oh, may you not make light of the supper!

~ Pastor Stuart Hunt, First Baptist Church, Damascus, PA - From "Call to Glory" A Devotional Guide

Daily Devotionals

Read: Zechariah 4:10


small things


Read: Colossians 3, Psalm 23:1


god in everyday life


in influence, power, or importance. How many times do we as believers forget the fact that God knows what is going on in our lives and that He never fails to keep us in mind? Yes, it is a "Small Thing" but in reality it is a big blessing to know God cares about us. Remember what Jesus taught about His care for us?

Now think with me about small things that take place but need to be viewed as extremely important. A small thought that enters into your mind about a particular person. God allowed that person to be remembered by you. It could be that they need prayer at that very moment. They might need a phone call, a text, letter, or a card from you. Act upon God's prompting. Another small thing is listening to a person without chiming in on your similar experience. Let the conversation be about them. Let them express their feeling or concern. Another small thing that is a big thing and that is to keep silent. Sometimes it is best as a believer to just let a thought or comment stay in your heart or mind. Instead of saying "I know I should not say this..." Decide on NOT SAYING IT!

~ Pastor David Chaffin, Ocala Baptist Temple, Ocala, FL -  From "Call to Glory" A Devotional Guide

​​​Zechariah ministered during the last half of the Jewish captivity. He encouraged the returned Jewish exiled people to begin rebuilding the Jewish Temple. He wanted them to take to heart the importance of thieir lives. They migh have felt they were insignificant to do anything for God. But as people of God, each one of their lives was significant to Him!

The issue regarding small things deals with our perception of  things, especially when it comes to things being  minor

But what may be the most beloved passage in the Bible, the 23rd Psalm, came from King David's meditations on the days he spent as a shepherd. While he was doing his job, he began to see aspects of how God loved him. As he tried to take care of and provide for his sheep, he realized how God was taking care of and providing for him--all while just going to work. 

With the exceptions of doing things that are directly sinful (aborting babies, selling any type of drug irresponsibly or for immoral purposes, a mob hit man, to name a few), it would be worth the effort to try to find God in your work. We are to do all things to the glory of God and as unto Him, but what I am also saying is to try and find God or an aspect of God in our jobs. David saw God as a shepherd as he worked as a shepherd. I understand that some occupations may not be as easy to see God in as shepherding, but it is still a worthy pursuit. Would it not be a great joy to look for God and have Him reveal Himself to you as you work?

~ Dr. Ray Love, Pastor, Tri-State Baptist Church, Charles Town, WV -  From "Call to Glory" A Devotional Guide

Because of past abuses of some churches, modern atheistic philosophy, and materialism, we have been taught to separate our regular life, especially our jobs, from God. Preachers are increasingly seen as odd because it is our job to be religious. Many Christians have accepted the division of secular and sacred, especially in the job. Consider also the strange way of trying to push God out of politics, unless it is the social gospel, which focuses on providing physical things to men, not encouraging obedience to God.

​​​​​When I was in India, I was asked if I would like some Italian food. Sure, I replied, but I forgot that their pasta is made totally out of egg whites and their cheese is some kind of goat cheese without any flavor. Here was an attempt to make a similar supper found in Italy, but certainly not the same. In Matthew 22, there is a parable about a supper. It is pointing to the heavenly supper sometimes called the "Marriage Supper of the Lamb," a heavenly communion service. I believe some lessons can be drawn from this parable and the one described and commanded of us to  partake  of within the church. Perhaps the greatest danger for all is that of making light of the supper.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Read:  Matthew 22:1-14


lessons from a supper