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Daily Devotionals

Read: Nehemiah 2:1-18


"A Call to action!"


Second, verse 18 says, "So THEY strengthened..." The people LIVING IN the degraded conditions began doing private workouts to strengthen themselves for the work needed to change their conditions. 

Third, verse 18 says that the people strengthened "THEIR hands..." The people did NOT pawn this job off on someone else (the government, president, pastor, dad, mom, etc.) THEY TOOK RESPONSIBILITY and offered their own hands to be the hands that got blistered and banged up... because THEY realized the greatness of the work that needed to be done.

Our country will only be what she ought to be when "WE the people" initiate the call to build her up, then "WE the people," privately, strengthen ourselves for the work, and then "WE the people" offer our bodies to be the ones to do the work and the sweating out on the streets of our towns as we build up our society. 

Are you willing to do this for your town? Nothing is more effective in changing one's situation than when the citizens LIVING IN that situation take the initiative upon themselves to do something constructive about their situation. If you are tired about the spiritual condition of your nation, then get up and do something about it. Hey, YOU... initiate the call to action!


~ Assistant Pastor Kelly Daniel, Iglesia Bautista Fundamental, Lewisville, TX -  From "Call to Glory" A Devotional Guide

​​​God stirred Nehemiah's heart about Jerusalem's condition. After a survey trip around Jerusalem, Nehemiah expressed his thoughts and feelings to the people LIVING IN those conditions. As a result, Nehemiah saw something happen.

First, in verse 18 it says, "And THEY (the people) said, Let us rise up and build." The people LIVING IN the dilapidated conditions INITIATED the call to action.

hath need of him" was sufficient. If the Lord needed their animal, the Lord was welcome to it. Whatever the Lord needs from us, we should readily give it. Why?

1. Because all that we have comes from Him. God is the owner of everything. We are only His stewards. The Lord has entrusted His resources to us that we might use them as it would please Him. How unreasonable and selfish it is to receive from God the things He gives us, and then refuse to offer them when He needs them.

2. Because of all that He has done for us. How could we be unwilling to provide what God needs when He is always providing what we need? God gave His only Son, and Jesus gave His life for us that we might have eternal life. He has given us a new start in life through the new birth. He has given us the Holy Spirit to be our constant Comforter. He has given us a vibrant church family to be a part of and to serve Him through. He has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness. He has provided an eternal home in Heaven. How can we say "No" when He calls for us?

~ Pastor Robert A. Sorensen, Bethany Baptist Church, Ava, MO -  From "Call to Glory" A Devotional Guide

Jesus was preparing to ride into Jerusalem to be crucified. In fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy, he would ride upon a borrowed colt. Jesus instructed two of His disciples to go into the village where they would find the colt tied. If anyone asked them why they were taking the colt, they were to say, "Because the Lord hath need of him." They obeyed the Master. When the owners asked the reason they were loosing the colt, they replied, "The Lord hath need of him." The owners of the  colt offered  no resistance. For them "the Lord

​​​​​Jesus' story of the Good Samaritan ingeniously expounded answers two questions of the attacking Jewish lawyer. Nick Bickish, missionary to Alaska, summarized His answer with three glimpses of attitude. You'll display one of them daily.

The thief that accosted the sojourner along the road from Jerusalem down to Jericho had the attitude "What's yours is mine." He left the man half-dead. It is amazing how many people have that attitude. Our Socially Secure socialism propagates that very attitude through generations of welfare 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Read:  Luke 10:25-37


good samaritan attitude


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Binghamtown Baptist Church

recipients. A born-again believer cannot carry that attitude long, not when Christ indwells them; and don't forget it was He who said, "...if any would not work, neither should he eat." 

​Along came the Priest and Levite. These characters were introduced to show the argumentative lawyer that neither the human Priesthood, nor the Levitical Law, could attain the eternal life he desired. Their attitude was "What's mine is mine." Busy about their own business, these two passed by on the other side. They would not stop and intercede nor minister because they had to go be priestly and ministerey. A lot of us live with that attitude.

Of course in Jesus' story the Samaritan was the only one that was Christ-like. He had the attitude "What is mine is yours." You would think "Christians" would spend more time exemplifying this selfless attitude, but it only shows up when we abide in Him. and He abides in us. When a child, we would sing a song "Jesus, and Others and You, that is the way to spell J-O-Y!" Quite foreign to our hustle-bustle, me-first, I-got-my-rights society. "If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them."

~ Pastor Ed Rice, Good Samaritan Baptist Church, Dresden, NY -  From "Call to Glory" A Devotional Guide

Read: Luke 19:30-31


the lord hath need of him