Seniors Prepare and host breakfast for the entire high school. The magnificent seven does it again!​ 

December 2017

Winding Down After Graduation

May 2018

Additional Ways to Support Gateway Christian School

Our most current fundraising projects are now available at New Unto Others Thrift Store on 19th Street in Middlesboro, KY 40965.

You may buy the following:  (all proceeds go to Gateway Christian School)
*Specialized Jewelry
*Church Cookbooks
*Delicious Chocolates
Buy one or buy all; the treat is wonderful and the contribution is for a wonderful cause. 

Your may also link your grocery perk cards to Gateway Christian School at the following  grocery stores...

Food City (must renew annually in October)


"Scavenger Hunt"


Senior Class Trip to Washington DC

May 2018

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A few new ways to help Gateway School get funding; If you would like to help Gateway get additional

funding here are some easy ways to do it.
Please note that Amazon has a login called...
Log in to the Amazon site, select your charitable organization, then
each time you make a purchase .05% of that purchase will go towards the charity you chose.
Select Gateway Christian School, Middlesboro, KY

(**Please be sure to select the Middlesboro, KY link )
You must log on through their page.

Amazon Direct Link …….
Direct link to support Gateway Christian School
on Amazon Smile... 

In addition, you may also link your shopping cards at and Food City to their School Philanthropy programs. The school gets a percentage of your grocery shopping linked to your shopping cards as well? All of these programs are free, easy, and at no cost to you and a good way to help the school.
Please note: Food City requires that we have to sign up once a year to renew our giving. That is usually in October of each year. Quarterly checks are sent to the school from our purchases
Note: Amazon keeps a running total at the top of your account to show how much your shopping has

contributed to the school account.


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Gateway students award Preacher Bingham a keepsake Christmas Present 

​December 2017



Gateway School Program

Christmas 2017

"Christmas Door Contest"


And the winner is...  Starry, Starry Night Manger Scene

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Gateway Christian School

 ... News ...

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​Now Open!

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

April 2018

Graduation - May 2018

Best Wishes, Seniors!

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Binghamtown Baptist Church