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Step 2 - *Make your Payment

​* IMPORTANT: Please Fill out and  SUBMIT the form above FIRST before making your payment. This is the only way we have to match your payment to the student.

Step 1 - Fill out and  SUBMIT this form FIRST

Please make school tuition payments here. 


Step 1

1. Fill out the *form to the right FIRST, making sure the student's name is included. 

2. AFTER​ the form is completed, click on the "Submit" button. Then follow step 2.

Step 2

1. Once the form has been submitted, click on the "Donate" button to pay your tuition. 

2. When the payment form pops up, fill in the the amount you are paying for your child's daycare. 

3. Click "continue" to pay with a credit card or click "Log into PayPal" to pay using PayPal.

Thank you for keeping your tuition payments current. This helps the school tremendously! 

If you need to contact the school,

please call Judith Suhr

606-670-0870 LEAVE MESSAGE



Please leave a message with your return phone number, why you are calling, and your student's name.

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