Unclean Spirits

Sunday July 16, 2017 P.M. Sermon No:  7317

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Cations and Anions are both ions. The difference between a cation and an anion is the net electrical charge of the ion. Ions are atoms or molecules which have gained or lost one or more valence electrons giving the ion a net positive or negative charge.
Last night Pastor Bingham spoke at length about “Unclean Spirits”. I'm always convicted when I leave his teaching but last night my tail was dutifully tucked between my legs. I realized that the definition might be equated to the definition of Cations listed above. Positive or negative energy charges; its all about what we put off into the atmosphere around us.
Preacher noted that the only purpose we were put on Earth was to worship the Lord in unending prayer and thanksgiving. We are then to wait for God to deliver his perfect plan for us in His Time. He cautions that we should be growing in the knowledge of the Word not the World. I personally flunked the first hurdles miserably. If I'm honest with myself, as a saved Christian, my Ions are so negatively charged that I need to be working double time to be more Christlike in all things.
I find myself, more and more, caught up in work, politics of work, minutia of others “wound-ets”(because that is all anyone talks about anymore if you listen). We forget that it it NOT about us; but God. The more we insist on speaking pain, suffering, and drama into the light of God's benevolence, the more we darken it and cause our own and others ions to be negatively charged. All negatives and no positives! You don't have to be a chemist to calculate the result of this ”going nowhere” formula. No wonder so many people are sick. We have negatively charged the atmosphere (ours and others) with negative energy instead of absorbing the positive, freely given, joyful light, of our Lord and Maker. There will always be consequences (a/k/a retribution)for our actions; positive or negative.
I think Pastor made all of us realize that we need to focus more, pray more, keep our eye on the true path of the soul's mission on Earth. He suggest that when we go into our prayer space that we contact God and be personal, make our prayers intimate and personal. We need to petition the Lord for a better spiritual understanding and reverence of a clean spirit…. and above all wait on the Lord until He is finished.
Some Good Bible References to study with this tape are:

II Corinthians 16:18; Jeremiah 17:9; Proverbs 18:1-24; Ephesians 5:14-21, I Thessalonians 5:16, 20; I Thessalonians 4:1-6, 14; Romans 7:20,21;

How Great Thou Art Hymn Summary
Job 36:26
Sunday mornings are my times of deeper meditation, reflection and intercessory prayers for family, friends, strangers, and myself. Preceding my time of supplication, I always begin with singing all four verses of “How Great Thou Art”. This is my way of reminding myself that no matter what the problem, sickness, or circumstance that I’m praying about—God is greater. After singing, my heart is calm and full of hope that the Lord will intervene in His perfect timing. Each verse reveals the majesty and mystery of the great God we serve:

1st verse: God created the universe and everything that is above us.
We can fly airplanes through the skies and rockets to the solar system—yet we still only possess a grain of sand in the knowledge and depth of the universe. Our minds can’t fathom how God fashioned each star uniquely with beauty and grace.

2nd verse: God created the exquisite beauty and order of nature all around us.
No one who looks deeply at the tree that grows into mighty splendor, birds singing in perfect melody, or the grandeur of a mountainous range can ever deny that there is a God. His earth was created with order and purpose.
3rd verse: God sent Jesus to suffer and die in our place.
We deserved Jesus’ death because of our sins. Yet, He chose to come down and suffer the penalty of our sins so that we can experience a relationship with God from now throughout eternity.
4th verse: Jesus will return in power and majesty.
When Jesus comes back every knee will bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord. As believers, we will experience great joy and humble adoration at His appearance.

Dear Lord, I never want to forget the greatness of You in my life. You are God alone and I worship You as my Lord. Amen.

In His Service,

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