Additional Church Ministries and Outreach: 

-  Military Veterans-Honoring those who served our country


​-  Ongoing Support for the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

-  Gateway Auction- Raises money to supplement teacher's salaries and help underprivileged children attend Gateway

   Christian School.

-  Mission of Rev. Vincent Paul in India

-  Triple L- Live Longer and Love it! Fellowship and ministry for senior adults

-  Prison Ministry Evangelizing and teaching those incarcerated

-  Savory Sisters-Serving the church and shut-ins through the kitchen food ministry

-  Joseph's Pantry (Helping Our People Eat) Food Pantry (Handled through the Thrift Store food bank)

-  Nursing Home Ministry- Bringing comfort to those in need at local nursing facilities 

-  Saturday Visitation- Ministering to shut-ins and others in need

-  Bus Visitation- Bringing those without transportation to the House and Word of the Lord

-  Widows Support Group- support for those in grief or need of fellowship

-  Angel Tree-Caring for the children in need within our local communities at Christmas

-  Bag Ladies of Binghamtown (The BLOB Squad)- Delivering Goodie Bags to those in need of witnessing.  The Bag Ladies also make and deliver gift                 bags  on special occasions to our Church Family members unable to attend services.  This Team also  regularly cleans The Church and School and               makes  regular visitations to our Church Family in need as well as the entire community.  

- Multiple Other Overseas Mission Groups Globally


General Information........

- We are a peanut and nut free facility (please check your child's snacks i.e. granola bars, cookies etc)

- Please place names on everything (coats, caps, bottles, clean wipes, etc

- EVERYONE must bring refill packages of wipes on the first of each month

- The State requires that each child's lunch (except the nursery) MUST have one fruit and one veggie daily

- Christian Teachers-all background checked (including criminal, sex offenders, child abuse etc.)

- All teachers are CPR/First Aid Trained (15 Hours of training Annually; staff nurse on premises)

 NURSERY 0-12 months or until walking....

- Breast fed babies need to be bottle fed with breast milk at home to initiate them to using bottles here

- We begin color recognition, ball rolling, reading stories to them, blocks and other basic hand eye coordination

13-24 MONTHS.....

- Must wear shoes 

- No cups or bottles in the room

- Preferably off the bottle

- Education...we begin learning colors, letters, numbers using flash cards, charts, books and reading, art with crayons

24-48 MONTHS.....

- NO toys brought from home (causes fights)

- Have age appropriate class time including Bible time, music/song time

- Class time includes focus on colors, numbers, letters, sounds of letters, community helpers, manners, Art- includes scissor skills,        paint, crayons, arts and crafts

- Exercise time, Game time

- Learns to play and share with others

- Learns to communicate feelings with words

- Prepare for pre-school/K-4​​​


Gateway Christian School: (Click Here for more information about our school.)

Located on the beautiful Binghamtown Church Campus, Gateway Christian School was established in 1978 and instructs K`3 through high school.  The school now instructs over 300 students in fundamental Christian doctrine with an additional  focus on excellence in education.  The children are our future.  We must focus on their education. See the tab Gateway School or Click Here for more details and applications.

New Unto Others Thrift Store: 

The Binghamtown Thrift Store is operated 100% by volunteer support.  Only with hours of love and devotion by our volunteers are we able to make this ministry available to the public.  New Unto Others also supports the community in many other areas.  We strive to make this part of the ministry a benefit to those truly in need.  The store sells gently used clothing, jewelry, home goods, furniture (including antiques when available), small appliances , electronics and many other goods at reasonable prices to meet every budget.

MONTHLY AUCTION:  Come in and bid on our monthly Auction Items.  Antiques, Collectables, Fine Jewelry, Coins, you never know what we will have each month.   All Auctions end the last Friday of each month at 4 p.m.  Our Staff calls the winners to advise them of their successful bidding. 

New Unto Others also assists those in need.  When donations are available, we support the needy with gifts of furniture, clothing (for infants, school children, job interviews and more), heaters, food/ Project Hope (Helping Our People Eat), and much more when availability permits. 

We also take applications to assist those in need with food, utility supplement, diapers, clothing, cancer patients and many others who qualify.  Only through the generous Church and Community support can we make this a growing part of our ministry. 

TO DONATE: Please contact Sandy Moore.  We have someone available to pick up your larger donations almost daily. Smaller donations should be brought to the Store located at North 19th Street; Middlesboro, KY 40965.  Cash donations may be made on this website as directed below.  

To make your Tax Deductible Donations or to request assistance please contact:                                                     

Director: Sandy Moore

Phone:  (606) 269-2462   

Binghamtown Church Main Line:  (606) 248-1678 

Location: North 19th Street

Mail: 1 Gateway Drive

Middlesboro, KY 40965


Youth Group: 

The Binghamtown Youth Group operates under the inspired leadership of Rev. W. Boyd Bingham, IV. The youth group meets weekly on the Binghamtown Church Campus.  At the Binghamtown Baptist Church Youth Group, we maintaining an environment where the work of God is taught and learned daily.  

In this day and age our young people are facing more manifold temptation than ever.  The doctrinal direction set by our senior pastor is that the entire focus should be on learning, understanding, and application of God's Word; in this we help our young people avoid snares that the devil has laid in their path.   

In many modern day churches much of the focus in youth group programs is centered around contemporary entertainment.  In placing their entire focus around entertainment the young people have been placed at a great disadvantages as they face the challenges that lie ahead.  It is our belief that the main responsibility is to reproduce The Lord Jesus Christ.


In order for Christians to do so, one must know who Jesus is.  This becomes our main focus; to know who Jesus is, what Jesus did, and where Jesus is.   

​Now Open!

Blessed Beginning Day Care


NOTE:Along with the full time ministries mentioned above The Binghamtown Baptist Church also provides the outreach programs noted below.  All of Binghamtown's outreach programs and ministries are 100% Volunteer supported.

Binghamtown Baptist Church

WMIK Family Radio: (Where Messiah Is King)

WMIK FAMILY RADIO STATION/FM 92.7                                         Phone: (606) 248-5842

North 19th Street;                                                                               Fax:  (606) 248-7660

MAIL: 1 Gateway Drive

Mddlesboro, KY                                                                                                                                                                            


Live Stream:

WMIK FAMILY RADIO STATION: is a ministry of Binghamtown Baptist Church.  Our station endeavors to bring the Fundamental Word of God to its listening audience.  We do this by delivering messages to our Christian family of sound bible teaching from some of the world's strongest, most respected evangelical preachers of our time... including Adrian Rogers, Charles Stanley, David Jerimiah, Ravi Zacharias, and our own Rev. William Boyd Bingham III AND Boyd Bingham the IV. Quality Gospel music playing all day every day.  Call OR fax the station for advertising or other information.   or AM