​​​​​​​​​​​​​Stay tuned! We hope to have Pastor Bingham streaming live by the end of Second quarter 2016. We will keep you posted on this website.  

FIND US ON THE WEB…..Binghamtown.org

Good News: Pastor Bingham is now available nationwide on CTN Channel in over 51 million homes. He may be seen on Thursday nights 9 P.M. (EST) on CTN (Direct TV Channel 376;or Dish Network Channel 267), and Glory Star Satellite. ( 6 PM (PST)

You may now hear Preacher Bingham on YouTube at any time by searching Binghamtown Baptist Church (keep scrolling through the play list). These are little tools that allow you to be with us daily if you wish. We love you and hold you fast in our prayers. Any important updated church information can be found on the website under the appropriate tabs.

The Church Email:

Blog: bbcgatewayblog.wordpress.com (Click on any page on the website and the blog is a direct link at the bottom)
Phone: GCHS (606) 670-0870;

Sunday School Blog: Google:

​WMIK:  Christian Radio www.wmikradio.com . Click HERE to live stream WMIK.

WYMT: Hazard, KY. Serves Eastern KY; Sunday 11:00 AM
WLFG: Abington, VA. Serves West VA; VA; East TN; Eastern
KY; Tuesday Night 9:00PM (Also Dish and DirecTV)
WLRV: Kodak, TN affiliate. Serves East TN, Southeastern KY, Western North Carolina; Wednesday Night 8:00 PM (Also Dish and DirecTV)
BBB Communication: Oak Ridge TN local station; Tuesday 9:00 PM
KRBB: Serves Knoxville, TN local station; Sunday 8:00AM
LMU: Serves Harrogate TN
MCTV: Serves Middlesboro; Thursday 9:00PM & Sunday 2:00PM
WLAF: Serves Lafollette TN; local station



LISTEN:  Live Stream WMIK Christian Radio               WATCH:  Sermons on Demand

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Live Stream WMIK Christian Radio
Live Stream WMIK

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